• Qeyno is an inclusive innovation company that transforms children's lives, their families, and the community through the magic of play, empathy, and discovery.

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  • Qeyno’s mission is to hack isolation and give people the power to transform their worlds.

    Qeyno is mindfully committed to creating magical opportunity that lifts systemic barriers to our greatest human potential.

  • The STEAM Diversity Gap

    High potential youth in low opportunity settings lack significant exposure to college and career pathways in STEAM (science, technology, art design, engineering, & mathematics) early enough to shape their life outcomes, educational performance, and workforce preparation to meet the demands of the new economy. Black and Latino students report desiring to into a STEM major at the same rate as their White and Asian peers.


    Number of States in 2014 where no African-American students took the computer science Advanced Placement exam. In eight states, no Hispanic students took it.


    Average number of employees at top tech companies that are identified as Black. 3% are Hispanic, 30% - 40% are women.

    4 in 5

    STEM college students made the decision to study STEM in high school or earlier.


    of jobs in the next decade will require technology and coding skills.


    STEM workers were women in 2011. Computing (27% women) and engineering occupations (13% women).


    projected computing-related jobs need to be filled by 2020. We can only fill about 30% of those jobs with U.S. computing bachelor's grads.

  • The World's First Hackathon Academy

    Qeyno is the home of Hackathon Academy, our flagship school that prepares high potential youth in low opportunity settings to become next generation developers, designers, and innovators in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art Design, and Mathematics).

    What is a Hackathon?

    Hackathons are app building competitions. We gather together technologists (coders), artists (designers), and problem solvers (innovators) to brainstorm, design, and build a web or mobile app that can change the world, create a business, or both!

    Our Trailblazers

    We identify the majority of our youth participants to be high potential, low opportunity youth. Every kid from every background has the opportunity to apply to be a Trailblazer. Our youth participants are called Trailblazers and average between the ages of 12 – 20. We make exceptions for youth under 12.


    Our trailblazers will spend three days on teams working alongside adult professionals supporting them as they build websites and mobile apps that will positively impact their community and improve their life outcomes.


    Mentors are considered Developers, Designers, or Innovators.


    Our Hackathon Academy reflects the values of a twenty-first century economy by creating an environment where our Trailblazers can tap into their experiences and transform them into marketable technologies with the support of adult professionals as mentors.


    Our mentorship-driven model uses a formulaic approach to facilitate an "empathy spillover" that impacts our mentors alongside their mentees. Through our rigorous selection process, our mentors are the best-in-class in working with our youth.


    Our youth deserve the best in food quality.


    All meals prepared for Hackathon Academy participants are selected from local vendors based on their nutritional value. Meals are selected that will enhance mental and physical performance and contribute to overall wellness.


    Our participants are introduced to healthier living options through high protein snacks, organic foods, and vegetarian/vegan offerings that help them reach and maintain peak levels of performance. These choices also contribute to the preservation of overall wellness for achieving personal goals and develop winnable habits.

  • Our Impact

    Here is how we make sense of donor dollars and sponsorship support to widen the tech ecosystem and level the playing field in STE(A)M. The following is our prioritized matrix as of the 2015 Hackathon season.


    Registered youth between the ages of 12-20



    Registered Mentors (adult professionals)


    3 to 1

    Average ratio of mentors for every Trailblazers (youth participant).



    Girls and young women participated in 2014.



    of Trailblazers are foster-care youth, homeless, or youth without any parental or guardian support.



    Community Partners



    Hackathon School will have been launched by end of 2015 powered by Qeyno.



    Web and software apps developed at our Hackathon Schools



    Qeyno-powered apps expected to launch in 2015.



    Community leaders will become Qeyno Fellows in 2015.



    Average budget for hackathon academies in 2014 that we successfully raised funds for.



    Our expected budget per Hackathon school in 2015.


    2K - 2.9K

    Average investment cost per Trailblazer (youth participant).


  • Hackathon Academy

    If you would like a Hackathon Academy in your area or would like us to consult on a hackathon you are organizing, please contact us.


    Oakland, CA

    UbuntuHack is a hackathon between communities in conflict, gathering youth from Oakland (and around the country) in addition to police from Oakland and the surrounding San Francisco Bay Area.


    Register here

    MBK Hack: Native Youth

    Albuquerque, NM

    Qeyno Labs and the NACA (Native American Community Academy) Inspired Schools Network collaborated on the launch of the first Native youth-focused hackathon for My Brother’s Keeper


    A local article about our event can be found here.

    MBK HACK: Oakland

    Oakland, CA

    Our third annual Black Male Achievement Hackathon.

    MBKHack Oakland: My Brother's Keeper

    Oakland, CA

    Our second MBKHACK took place in Oakland as we celebrated a year of launching inclusive youth hackathons.


    Atlanta, GA

    Qeyno became the official school provider of inclusive youth hackathons for UNCF and their network of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). Qeyno will continue to support UNCF's ICE Initiative.

    MBKHack Philly: My Brother's Keeper

    Philadelphia, PA

    My Brother's Keeper Hackathon (#MBKHACK) is a bold new Hackathon Academy out of Qeyno Labs that is strongly aligned with President Obama and the White House's call to action for companies, organizations, foundations, and community leaders to work together to improve the life outcomes of young men of color.

    Yes We Code Hack (20th Essence Festival)

    New Orleans, Louisiana

    In partnership with Yes We Code and Essence, Qeyno launched YesWeCode Hack at the 2014 Essence Festival (July 3-6) in New Orleans.


    Click here for Press Release.

    Startup Weekend Oakland: Black Male Achievement

    Oakland, CA

    Qeyno set two historical precedents by launching the first hackathon focused on Black Male Achievement and bringing mainstream hackathon organizations UP Global and Startup Weekend to the youth of Oakland (California).


    A local article about our event can be found here.

  • Kalimah Priforce, Headmaster CEO

    "Poverty is neither desperation or deprivation. Poverty is isolation. The first thing we teach our youth to hack is their isolation."

    Kelley Nayo, Chief of Operations

    - Vice Principal -

    "It is time for us to create space for our kids in the global STE(A)M conversation. They deserve to be at the table."

    Amy Cliett, Program Director

    - Dean of Students -

    "Every child who wants to program should have the necessary tools and resources to do so. I'm proud to be part of a movement committed to making this happen."

    James Shields, Design and ART Director

    "When we expose youth to the power of creativity they'll comprehend their unlimited potential through STE(A)M."

    Nashilu Mouen, Mentorship Director

    "We remind our young dreamers that their ideas have immeasurable potential and are never outside the realm of possibility."

    Crystal Bourgeois, Volunteer Manager

    "The dedication and flexibility of our volunteers make each Hackathon Academy a success."

    Johnathan Henninger, Staff Photographer

  • Qeyno Labs: Media

    Video shorts, mini Docs, and links to Qeyno Labs media

    Before they were Famous: Pitch Videos

    Watch entrance videos of Trailblazers.

  • Our Alliance Partners

    Qeyno's network of allies and partners provide support to our hackathon SCHOOLS around the globe. If you are interested in learning more about joining our alliance network, reach out to us.

    City of Oakland Mayor's Office

    Kapor Center for Social Impact

    The San Francisco Foundation

    United Negro College Fund

    Urban Tech Alliance

    Hack The Future