The Future of Inclusive Innovation Is Here


As an independent, membership-driven think tank, Qeyno Group (formerly Qeyno Labs) is dedicated to increasing understanding and influencing how the future is shaped by closing the digital divide once and for all.

Qeyno’s mission is to lift barriers to human potential to meet the ultimate challenges of the future.
Qeyno’s enterprises, non-partisan research, and advocacy support is dedicated to its membership that includes individuals and families in addition to public and private organizations.
Qeyno’s agendas are family-oriented, as we believe, that it takes a community to raise the innovators of tomorrow that will usher in a future that brings magical opportunity to all.
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Team Qeyno

Team Qeyno includes our leadership team and amazing NATIONAL AUXILIARY team members who support the mission and growth of our work.

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Amy is head of product and people at qeyno. as chief content strategist, amy oversees the innovative programs that qeyno champions and the fellows cohorts who make them possible.


kelley is head of operations at qeyno. as chief of staff and outreach coordinator, kelley manages the internal and external affairs that keep qeyno running EFFICIENTLY and on mission. 

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James is head of design and art at qeyno. as the chief designer, James leads the visual storytelling that impacts the qeyno community and captures the imagination of our audience.

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Labs are member organizations and startups transforming the landscape of inclusive innovation.