Qeyno Group


Who We Are

In what began as a software startup that emerged to becoming a history-making education portfolio company, 

QEYNO GROUP is the first think tank to focus on inclusive innovation and has been the leading, family-based organization to champion systemic change that closes the STEAM diversity gap through products, activities, and support of the ecosystem.

INCLUSIVE INNOVATION was coined by Qeyno founder, Kalimah Priforce, to describe the grassroots movement pioneered by Qeyno Labs (our previous iteration), CODE 2040, Black Girls Code, The Hidden Genius Project and others, to increase participation of more underrepresented populations in high growth innovation sectors that range from renewable energies to mobile app development.

The lack of participation in college and career pathways in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art Design, and Mathematics) fields by under-represented groups is a result of failed government policies and misguided private investment in scalable solutions to address what we identify as the STEAM DIVERSITY GAP.

As our EMERGING ECONOMY becomes increasingly technology-dependent and driven, our traditional US and global social institutions are challenged by their conventional frameworks to innovate workforce development, education, and high risk entrepreneurial development.

What we stand for

Qeyno stands for AllFuturism. We believe in bringing attention to the future needs of an inclusive democratic society. That future is at peril: rising inequality in our education system and the loss of secure and meaningful work have led us to a tipping point where we finds ourselves unprepared to face climate change and ecological degradation; cyberattacks from hostile powers both foreign and domestic, and an increasing number of jobs that go fulfilled.

We believe that these challenges are surmountable when we WIDEN THE OPPORTUNITIES OF HEALTH PROSPERITY, WEALTH CREATION, AND SOCIAL IMPACT to more people - particularly those who have been historically marginalized and underserved.

We believe in building a PIPELINE that successfully mobilizes under-represented communities. These values matter to us today because they are the values of the 22nd century, and we believe that to prepare effectively for the future, we must think in the future.

At Qeyno Group, we believe that STEAM EDUCATION IS A NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE in the United States and for our allies. Solving this crisis of modern times will take bipartisan collaboration and partnerships between grassroots innovators and public to private institutions. Our current "inclusive innovation" landscape inhibits the progress of innovators who must compete with each other to sustain their ventures. We have decided that through shared principles and collective efforts, we are stronger - together, and that an institution must exist to bridge leaders in the inclusive innovation space. We have instituted our efforts in the form of a think tank that is dedicated to discovering and testing new ways of thinking and to advocate for approaches for our member organizations to equip our society to face these challenges.

Our work

As an independent and non-partisan organization, Qeyno Group works to:

  • research, collect data, and share best practices by and from member organizations
  • advocate on behalf of localized member organizations to nation government and corporate entities
  • inspire and develop new leaders to enter the inclusive innovation space
  • convene intergenerational events that bring together stakeholders that recognize the accomplishments of entrepreneurial leaders and the participants they serve
  • advise political groups, leaders, and corporations to invest in member organizations and adopt non-traditional solutitons to closing the STEAM diversity gap
  • model and test replicable solutions through our enterprises portolio

How we operate

Qeyno Group (formerly Qeyno Labs) is an independent, membership-driven global think tank for inclusive innovation.  As a think tank, Qeyno is dedicated to increasing understanding and influencing how the future is shaped by closing the digital divide once and for all. Qeyno’s mission is to lift barriers to human potential to meet the ultimate challenges of the future. Qeyno’s enterprises, non-partisan research, and advocacy support is dedicated to its membership that includes individuals and families in addition to public and private organizations. Qeyno’s agendas are family-oriented, as we believe, that it takes a community to raise the innovators of tomorrow that will usher in a future that brings magical opportunity to all.

Qeyno maintains its independence through a diversity of funding sources and our mission-driven hybrid structure. These include monthly and annual member dues; corporate memberships; our enterprises that include activities and programs that receive support from foundations, corporations, and individuals; income from providing consultation and technical assistance and special events.

Our current “inclusive innovation” landscape inhibits the progress of innovators who must compete with each other to sustain their ventures.
We believe that STEAM education is a national security issue...”